Brand Ambassadors

What You Get

First of all you will get a PERMANENT personal discount code for 20% Off on all of our products so that it's easy for you to start wearing the brand, showing people on social media and in the gym. Also, you will get a promo code to give to people to get 15% off of their purchase. (A better incentive for them to buy) 

You also get an affiliate link that's specific to you, that has a three day cookie on it, meaning even if someone doesn't buy anything that day, within three days, if they buy anything from us, you STILL get credit and commission.  (You'll receive commissions when someone clicks your link OR uses your promo code.)

COMMISSIONS- You will receive a 20% commission on each sale. Compared to other brands and their ambassador commissions, 20% is pretty damn good considering most companies cap at 10%. Our main focus is to get the brand out there and give the ambassadors a good incentive to sell. Commission hikes will also be initiated during certain high-selling holiday weekends. (You will be notified when commissions are hiked)

SHOUT OUTS- Our Instagram is rapidly growing just as our brand is. When you receive your GYMFIDEL gear, tag us in a good gym selfie or doing something cool, and we will give you a shoutout! Please also be patient because we are getting tagged every day with new pictures! We will get to yours and show you off to our fan base!


If you haven't spoken with us via Instagram direct message, please do so now. @GYMFIDEL

If you have spoken with us please return to our message thread on Instagram and let us know that you want the sign up link and we will also create your discount codes! ** There is no entry fee BUT You Must make a purchase (at a discounted 20% off price)  upon signing up, due to the volume of ambassador requests we receive. This is so that you can represent the brand properly.  

You must also subscribe to our YouTube Channel (Nick Lucas Fitness) and turn on post notifications. This will help grow the brand and turn this into something huge! GO SUBSCRIBE NOW <<click here!

***Note- If you would like to be an ambassador, you must be a supporter of law enforcement and military and make an honest effort to support and grow the brand. You must post and tag us twice a month on Instagram. If we feel that you have lost interest in being an ambassador, your affiliate link and discount codes will be deactivated.               MUST BE 18+ YEARS OF AGE.